Citizen participation

The Smart Sustainable District – Green Moabit project will only be a success if it addresses the needs of the people living in the district. Citizens’ views are therefore to be incorporated into the project development process and influence the decisions taken on infrastructure measures. In the first project phase, researchers carried out interviews with action groups, such as Moabiter Ratschlag (Moabit advice), and invited them to take part in project workshops.

In the second phase, the “deep dive” phase, the focus is on direct exchange with citizens. To this end, as part of the Smart Citizen Science research seminar, the project team interviewed various individuals and gained a clear picture of existing problems and wishes for the future. In addition, on 21 May residents were invited to get involved in a dialogue entitled “Make Moabit …”, where they had a chance to discuss challenges in the project area.

The project team also ensures continuous exchange with representatives of the district administration and the urban utilities in Berlin, which are responsible for providing public services. During its steering meetings, the Smart Citizen Network Board discusses general needs across Berlin and the ways in which the pilot projects in Moabit are relevant for the city as a whole.

We make every effort to provide up-to-date information on current events and ongoing processes on the public website