07/2017 Review and Fast Forward: Transition Phase in SSD Moabit


The partners of the transition phase of the SSD Moabit project, led by Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann (TU Berlin), met at the beginning of July to review the activities of the first half of the year 2017. The project was presented at a variety of European conferences and workshops with a focus on sustainable water management & low-carbon mobility. Presentations were held during the Smart City Strategy Dialogue of Berlin (7th July 2017) and the “Open European Day at Resilient Cities” organised by ICLEI (3rd May 2017). For the coming months, the team from “mobility & space” of ZTG (TU Berlin) and the sustainable water management experts Sieker (IPS) are working on a criteria catalogue collaboratively with the TUB (CHORA) for the implementation of a smart street and a smart school campus. All activities in 2017 aim at disseminating the knowledge collected over the past two years – including prototypical solutions for integrated infrastructure design at district level and governance instruments for steering the process.