12/2016 Symposium: Smart Sustainable District – Green Moabit

120 stakeholders were invited by the SSD project team from CHORA conscious city to attend the semi-public SSD symposium on December 6th, 2016. The first part (morning session) took place at the Conscious City Lab of TU Berlin and focussed on the planning tools and strategies developed and applied throughout the planning process. The “District Data Atlas”, presented by Holger Prang, and selected “Citizen Engagement” activities, led by Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann, served as tools to enhance knowledge exchange between experts and to define the demand side for sustainable urban solutions.

The second part was chaired and hosted by the District Authority Mitte of Berlin at the town hall in Tiergarten. After a warm welcome of the host, the local project leads and European partners reviewed the process and presented all outcomes and achievements that derived from the Deep Dive phase which started in February 2016. Besides many innovative planning tools and communication activities, the success of the project was reflected in the design of four demonstrator projects that express the integration efforts of various domains such as sustainable water management, low-carbon mobility and energy-efficiency.

Final Report 2016