10/2016 Berlin’s first Climathon looks at Moabit’s bike sharing challenge

Being late for work, getting stuck in the rain, searching for a parking spot – it’s a familiar scene for commuters coming into work in Moabit by private car or public transport. In order to address the „last mile“ problem and encourage inhabitants and commuters to switch to non-motorized transport options, the city of Berlin is revamping its public bike sharing program. The start-up Next Bike has now been tasked to build new bike sharing stations in the district – but how do you incentivize commuters and local inhabitants to make use of this climate-friendly infrastructure?

That’s one of three challenges of Berlin’s first Climathon, a 24-hour hackathon organized by Climate-KIC to develop ideas for a low-carbon future of our cities. The Climathon is a global event that took place on the 28th of October in more than 100 cities around the world.

You can find additional information on the official Climathon website.